What to expect at Psy-lens ?

You can expect premium mental health care from our team of psychologists at affordable rates.  We begin by taking a case history which is then followed by consultation and assessment. A report is prepared on the basis of assessments and psychotherapy/remedial education/special education is suggested as per the need.

When shall I expect the report?

It requires a minimum of 8-10 days for the final report to be prepared.

Are your team members trained?

. Yes. We have highly qualified and trained professionals at the Centre who are closely monitored by the chief clinical psychologist.

. Does your clinic organize workshop?

Yes, various workshops and training programs are organized frequently. Please check the clinic website time to time for further details.

Is medicine prescribed after diagnosis ?

No. We are a team of psychologists who provide counselling and therapy. If needed, clients may be referred to others for medication.

How do I get an appointment at the clinic ?

You can book an appointment by calling on the number 9227921315 preferably between 10 am-6 pm. You may be given an appointment within 2-3 working days.

Does the centre also provide special education?

Yes. Special education division caters to children and adolescents (aged 12 years and above) with mild intellectual disability. Our main focus is on functional literacy, making monetary transactions, life skills, speech and communication skills etc.

Do you offer Speech therapy, Occupational therapy, applied behavior analysis and behavior modification therapy?

Speech therapy and occupational therapy are not provided by the Centre. But, applied behavior analysis and behavior modification are practiced in within individual special education or counselling sessions.

Do you provide internship?

Yes, different internship programs for graduate and post graduate programs are available. Please call the clinic for further details.

What are the timings of the clinic ?

Clinic remains open from 10A.M to 6P.M (Mondays to Saturdays). OPD timings are from 10A.M to 1P.M.

How much time does testing require?

Consultation usually takes 45 minutes to 2 hours. If testing is recommended, the process requires about 2-5 hours.

Are machines/equipment used for testing?

No. All the tests/ assessments done here are oral, paper-pencil tests or standard psychometric test material like blocks, cards or puzzles are used.

Is this Centre only for children/special children?

No. Our team of psychologists specializes in children as well as adult counseling.

How long is a therapy/ counselling session? How many therapy sessions will I require?

. A counselling/ therapy session lasts for 45 minutes to one hour. A minimum of 10-12 up to 20 sessions are required to bring about behavioral or mood changes.

What is remedial education? Does the Centre provide remedial education? How long is it required?

Yes. The primary aim of remedial education is to help students having various learning disabilities, cope with the prescribed school curriculum, to help students develop study skills, to train students in organizational skills, to give one-on-one intensive instruction in language skills and mathematics and to improve their overall academic performance. Changes are generally seen after 6 months. However remedial intervention frequently needs to be continued for 2 years or as long as the child is dealing with academics.

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